Jabbar Announces the Launch of Kambio Ventures

Jabbar, a popular investor and a creative innovator are all set to strengthen the financial service sector. It plans to launch a blockchain-driven and completely controlled platform meant for the next generation exchanges. Kambio Ventures is exclusively dedicated to the startup which looks for tokenized asset-backed securities.

Kambio Ventures

Jabbar which laid the foundation for the Kambio Ventures has registered a great financial success by selling its portfolio company to Amazon for over 600 million USD in late 2017.

“The current venture capital operating model is complicated and appears outdated – arguably underwhelming both entrepreneurs and investors alike. Both are facing a continuous struggle to secure liquidity, with very long exit cycles. Kambio will be an intuitive, secure, fast, efficient and a regulated ecosystem which will transform the way start-ups operate,” said Samih Toukan, Kambio Ventures founder, and Jabbar partner.

Kambio Ventures has plans to build an attractive and friendly niche for entrepreneurs, investors, and institutions. It makes the journey of the startup investments much simpler and more secure, enables the members to leverage expertise and access basic knowledge. Additionally, it aims to help customers manage risks by sector, region and venture capital firms if needed.

There will be community connect which enhances the ability of the members by way of knowledge-sharing, active participation and guide them into the research and resources.

“Application of blockchain technologies will help redefine many industries as we know them today, in particular, financial services. Kambio will look to lead and collaborate in developing distributed ledger solutions that facilitate investments, trades, and custody effortlessly – we see this as gamechanger, that will benefit all stakeholders,” commented another Jabbar partner and Kambio Ventures founder, Hussam Khoury.

Assisted by a best advisory team, Kambio Ventures aims to become one among the first blockchain-powered and completely regulated financial exchanges for virtual assets. It promises to create an ecosystem to guide startup liquidity which will accredit startups and investors in an unbiased manner.

Exclusive Features

The key features of this platform include a Proprietary Proof of Asset (PoA) tokens for tokenized startup investments, a dedicated supreme market for startups with more than two finance rounds, a dedicated subsidiary market for startups offering liquidity and the access to extraordinary startups. Moreover, the security of the personal accounts will be ensured by segregated custody, transparent and trustworthy transactions.

Louay Aldoory, one of the Jabbar partners said, “the current security token space is nascent, with fundamental jigsaw pieces still missing, including liquidity management; custody; legal framework; and ownership structure. Kambio plans to fill those gaps and remove unnecessary middlemen, all within a secure and regulated environment – revolutionizing both venture capital and capital markets.”

Infinite Opportunities

This distinctive capital market platform plans to deliver primary capital funding, subsidiary exchange liquidity for entrepreneurs, investors and institutions. The other services include outstanding co-investment slots along with the institution – led curation and a dedicated community environment. The launch is expected in summer 2019 post legal approvals and clearance. Stay tuned!






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